Yahnny Bly & Co. works closely with each guide to ensure the highest standards of service. Most importantly, our guides love what they do and take great pride in upholding our mission for responsible tourism. Cheers for all that they do to make our experiences filled with memories that will last for a lifetime!

Inga Fanney – Iceland and Greenland

Inga hails from rural Northern Iceland where the sheep and horse roam freely in the great wide open. She spent years traveling around the world and studied in Spain where she cultivated her international exposure and became a proficient polyglot with Icelandic, English, and Spanish under her belt.  

At the age of twenty, Inga started working as a mountain guide with expertise in glacier guiding, backpacking and trekking trips in Iceland and Greenland. After having children, time was of the essence. She transitioned from long hours and days away to running the hills and mountains whenever time could be afforded.

Since 2011, Inga started to specialize in trail running adventures and founded several travel agencies that have operated in Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. In addition to organizing trips, Inga is also a race director and professional consultant for travel agencies and organizations from all over the world specializing in trail running, adventure photography, and active adventures.

You can also find Inga being photographed as a sponsored athlete for several large activewear brands. 

Iulian Cozma – Romania

Iulian is one of our most experienced guides having been a full-time certified mountain guide since 1999 as well as owning and operating an adventure travel company.

As a member of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association, he and his team are considered to be one of the best guides leading mountaineering, ski, mountain bike, trekking, and trail running tours in some of Europe's largest uninterrupted forests and rugged mountain landscapes.

In addition to leading his own tours, he is in charge of logistics for all in-bound tours to include transportation, accommodations, and itinerary creation. Year-after-year, Iulian's team set has set the bar for Romania's active adventure tourism industry.

He can be found greeting you with a great big smile and a warm welcome to Romania. If you happen to speak English and Italian, he will accommodate you with his proficiency with both languages.

Horia Măruscă – Romania

Born and bred on the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains, Horia is a certified mountain guide, member of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association, and is MIAS qualified for Levels 1 and 2. As an alumni of Bucharest University, he has been able to apply his journalism and communication studies to extend his talents from the mountains to filming, photography, graphic and web design.

Working together with Iulian Cozma, he can be found leading mountain bike tours with guests from all over the world who seek Romania's tough terrain. If you happen to speak English or French, Horia will have no problem speaking either of the two languages.

Mihai Constantenec – Romania

Mihai is a certified mountain guide and native of Transylvania. Having a masters in mountain sports from the University of Transylvania, you will find him mostly guiding mountain bike, trekking and trail running tours alongside Iulian Cozma through the challenging vastness of the Carpathian trails.

His physical strength is an asset when having to handle the load for these tours. But, that is not a problem for this seasoned athlete after having competed in numerous adventure racing, skiing, and mountain biking competitions. Currently, Mihai resides in Austria which lends to his ability to proficiently speak English and German.

Kike Bárzana Viego – Spain

Kike can be found guiding kayak tours on the Sella River or canyoning in Picos de Europa. This is not just a profession, but a way of life filled with over seventeen years of experience from working for the largest active tourism company in eastern Asturias to owning and operating his own adventure company as well as a hotel and restaurant.

Don't be surprised seeing him manning the wood-fired grills or greeting you behind the bar. This is the kind of hospitality that has brought back repeat guests to far reaches of Ortiguero where his base of operations is located.

Kike's technical knowledge ranges from Canyon and Whitewater Guide, IRF Rafting Guide, Rescue 3 International, Labor Risk Technician in Active Tourism, and BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak.

Fatma Nur Karadoğan – Turkey

Fatma graduated with a degree in tourism management from Balıkesir Universty. After graduation she worked as an assistant director for Yeşim Ustaoğlu, an esteemed award-winning Turkish director, filmmaker, and screenwriter.

Combining her knowledge of tourism and hospitality with film production led Fatma to become the founder of two companies that cater to both areas. In addition to these specialties, Fatma was a teacher at Bann Unrak Foundation, a children's home and community development project in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, where she also had a chance to exhibit her photography of the children.

Fatma is a student of the world and has studied yoga in India to eventually opening a yoga studio in Cappadocia. In her own words, "Work is my way to share my hands with the world and share my heart with the world. Sustainable and responsible tourism starts with respect for yourself, to your profession, for the people, and the world." Fatma applies this to her each of her tours.

You can find her working side-by-side with her husband Cihat who is a professional guide and professor. Her production company has also catered to local and international projects for film crews who have needed onsite fulfillment, scouting, accommodations, and equipment. Whether as it is film production or adventure tourism, Fatma will be there to guide you with logistics and the fine details of itinerary creation. Fatma and her husband are both proficient in English.

Nuri Çorbacıoğlu – Turkey

Nuri is an award-winning AFIAP photographer, teacher, speaker and founder of Kayseri Photo Art House and Cappadocia Photo Tours. Together with Nuri, we will arrange custom photo tours with Yılkı horses, Krgyz villages, gourmet food tours, and workshops for both skilled and enthusiastic photographers.

Nuri and his team will be by your side to provide assistance with your equipment and will arrange the best opportunities to photograph at locations that are not easily accessed without their guidance.