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Hidden Gems of Piemonte Italy

Private Truffle Hunting, Wine Tasting, Cuisine Masterclass, E-biking, Trekking

Meaning literally foot of the mountain, Piemonte is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, creating astonishingly beautiful settings for plentiful ski resorts, such as Via Lattea and Sestriere, which draw in winter sports enthusiasts with their state-of-the-art facilities. From snow capped peaks to the sweeping, picturesque valleys of Val di Susa and Val D’Ossola, the Alps give way to the gentle, rolling hills of Langhe and Monferrato. Cultivated vineyards dotted with small towns and castles meander onto expanses of water and rice paddies, while long rows of poplars and old farmhouses form the scenery on the plains around Novara and Vercelli. The inescapable beauty of the blue Lake Maggiore pulls in tourists, creating a bustling center in Stresa. Boats travel across the water to the spellbinding Borromean Islands, home to charming ancient villas surrounded by terraced lawns and gardens, while tranquil Lake Orta remains a jewel-like secret, known only by locals and the consummate traveler.

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6000 USD 7 NIGHTS / 8 DAYS
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2 / 5


We will journey from Torino, the capital of Piemonte, to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Langhe and Monferrato where we will enjoy the White Truffle International Fair, private truffle hunting, medieval Barolo, and a wine tour and tasting.

Torino, the birthplace of Vermouth, espresso, and giandujotti - the first ever wrapped chocolate in history born in 1865.

Our adventure continues with a cuisine masterclass with Giovanni Rosso wines, e-biking through the hills of Alta Langa for rare Murazzano DOP cheese, and trekking into the sunken valleys of Barbaresco covered with rows of grapevines. We cannot have this wonderful journey without a full, slow food and gastronomy experience in Bra and the four-generation-old Pais dra Nisora, the village of hazelnuts.



Torino, the capital of Italy from 1861-65, is a baroque jewel on the banks of the river Po, set against views of the snow-capped Alps. Discover the city’s timeless beauty by walking the miles of stunning shopping arcades, visiting the palatial royal residence of the House of Savoy, or by immersing yourself in the vibrant colours and heady floral scents of Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest open-air market. After your well-deserved shopping spree, pause to try Bicerin, Torino’s signature espresso, chocolate, and cream drink. The birthplace of Vermouth, espresso, and giandujotti, Torino’s culinary traditions are iconic and plentiful. Sample regional delights alongside knowledgeable locals during Torino’s famous aperitivo hour or celebrate the best of Piemontese flavours at one of the numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

Torino has earned the fame of an unusual city, where myths and legends are intertwined with mysterious presences, ghosts, and characters dedicated to esoteric cults. In fact, tradition has it that the Piedmontese capital is crossed by supernatural forces that make it the apex of two triangles, one positive, the other negative, together with four other cities in the world. In our fascinating walk, we will discover what has made Torino so famous, what are its lesser-known sides and why in history the city has been so loved and feared, touching places that have been the setting for occult practices, capital executions, and monuments full of mystery.

Check In at Hotel Principi di Piemonte Torino

In the heart of Torino, this historical 5-star hotel invites guests to enjoy a luxurious stay in a beautiful urban location. A symbol of ancient Italian splendor, the hotel Principi di Piemonte is hosted in an impressive Rationalist-style building, one of Torino’s most refined architectural jewels.

Complete with an elegant spa and wellness center, this unique location boasts dining and event options promising its guests comfortable and stylish rooms and suites with exceptional views over the city and surrounding nature. The jewel is certainly the renowned Salone delle Feste, with a dedicated entrance featuring mosaics by Venini and precious Murano glass chandeliers.

Walking city tour of Unusual Torino

The tour will explore the hidden treasures of the Baroque capital of Italy, visiting enchanting palaces and elegant buildings commissioned by the Savoy royal family across the 17th and 18th centuries. Take in the beauty of gods, skies, and clouds adorning noblemen’s ceilings and marvel at the secrets concealed within the ingenious architecture of the church of San Lorenzo. Walk amongst breathtaking marble in Turin Cathedral, through stunning piazzas, such as Piazza Castello, San Carlo, and Carignano, and learn the legends of historic Torino.

Dinner at Circolo dei Lettori

Located in historic Tampa, Circolo dei Lettori offers traditional Piemontese specialties, reinterpreted in a light way with the seasonality of the first fruits by the team of young professionals led by chef Stefano Fanti.

In its rooms, decorated by Felice Vellan and his companions, legions of artists and amateurs of the happy life and conversation have passed; illustrious guests, painters, painters and sculptors, musicians, great stage actors and actresses on Torino theaters, famous conductors, nobles, and women. On the walls of what used to be called La Tampa hangs a collection of self-portraits and portraits, which started as a game on the occasion of the costume party for the wedding gifts of Umberto di Savoia and Maria Josè of Belgium, then went on to develop more and more thanks until reaching the current hundred canvases of singular artistic and historical importance.

Tasting Menù to be defined closer to the date.
Truffle and any other extras are not included.



Often overlooked by the usual tourist trail, discovering Langhe & Monferrato is a sublime journey through the senses. Gentle, rolling hills dotted with small medieval towns and castles evoke a glorious idyll. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural landscape and centuries-old vineyards, Langhe is home to Barolo, the ‘King of Wines’, and especially in autumn, the aromatic delicacy and white truffles. Langhe & Monferrato are truly a balm for the soul.

Private transfer to Alba for the White Truffle International Fair

After breakfast, we will visit the White Truffle International Fair in Alba.

One of the rarest and most expensive foods on the planet, the white truffle is showcased at this world-famous and highly anticipated event. The fair brings together the finest examples of haute cuisine and Italian excellence, with cooking shows by acclaimed chefs and the Alba White Truffle World Market, where you can buy your very own truffle. We will visit the market with a private guide and participate in a ‘sensorial analysis’ of the truffle, an in-depth immersive experience guided by true truffle experts.

Light Lunch at Ape Wine Bar or similar

Ape Wine Bar is located in the heart of the capital of the Langhe, Piazza Risorgimento. Traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist ****is perfectly paired with quality wines and cocktails

Private Walking tour of Barolo
After lunch, we will take a private transfer for a walking tour of Barolo.

The village of Barolo is around its castle, like many of the villages of the Langhe. In spite of what many think, however, its history is ancient, much more than its famous wine. The castle was built around the year 1000, but Barolo derives from the Celtic "bas reul", or "low place". Because, in fact, the country rises less high compared to other centers in the area.

Wear comfortable shoes for the walking tour.

A wine design experience in Langhe
Born and raised in the hills of the Langhe, wine is Sandra Vezza's one true love. Over the course of this enduring and passionate love affair, she was drawn to Barolo for her own winery. It was here that she learned to understand the unique and wonderful qualities imparted by this patch of land.

Every bottle encapsulates several moments in time: the rain showers, the energy of warm days, the freshness of spring, the silence of long winters, and the work of the people who tend to the vineyard and its secrets. Where unchanging elements meet the constant flux of nature and humanity, the winery is born. This alchemy stems from Sandra Vezza herself, driven by her motto "dynamic even when standing still,” a mantra that guides her through the worlds of art and business, today embodied by her wine.

A private winery tour and tasting are included.

Check in at B&B Le Due Matote

Nestled in the Langhe Le Due Matote is at the heart of the historic village of Bossolasco, better known as the Village of the Roses. Bossolasco boasts over 300 varieties of roses that line the village and bring it to life during the Spring and Summer months.

An 18th-century house with charm and original features is where we reside – a mesmerizing place that immediately opens its arms to welcome you and make your stay an unforgettable experience.



Private Truffle Hunting

We will take part in truffle hunting near Alba - a truly unique experience. We will head to the forest to join a trifolao (truffle hunter) and their faithful taboj (truffle dog). Expertly trained, the dogs sniff out these world-famous delicacies in the earth between the tangled roots of hardwood trees, such as oaks and chestnuts. White truffles are only harvested between October and December, growing in a delicate symbiosis with their environment, making them a rare and precious commodity. Imbued with the scents and flavours of the forest, the delicious pungent, earthy flavour of the truffle is both indescribable and unforgettable.

Wear comfortable, warm, rainproof clothing, boots, windbreaker jacket, and hat are recommended.
Bring a change of shoes to change into for the rest of the day’s activities.

Giovanni Rosso Winery - Classical & Private Vineyard Experience with cooking class
Giovanni Rosso is a family-run, historic reality of Serralunga d’Alba, known worldwide for the production of its exclusive Barolo, from its magnificent vineyards. The story begins in the first years of the XIX century when the family acquires the first vineyard plot. Today Giovanni Rosso wines are enjoyed in the finest restaurants and hotels around the Globe and can be found on the shelves of the most exclusive wine merchants.

From our fabulous Crus to the Winery, we offer you the opportunity to discover and learn more about the legendary Barolo winemaking.


  • A traditional cuisine masterclass from the aperitif to the dessert
  • Tour of the cellar and tasting of 6 Giovanni Rosso wines with 3 Barolo included
  • Lunch with the food cooked in the morning

Private transfer from Giovanni Rosso Winery to Le Due Matote



Alta Langa E-bike Tour - 7 hours

Our bike tour will be in the hills of the Alta Langa. From the starting point in Bossolasco, we will proceed towards Murazzano to descend into the Belbo valley towards San Benedetto Belbo and then go up to Mombarcaro, the highest village in the Langhe with its 896 m above sea level, where you can take a coffee break. We will descend to retrace a dirt stretch on the ridge that will take us right to the entrance to the natural park of Belbo Springs. We will then follow the relaxing road that follows the course of the Belbo to go up the ridge between the Belbo and Tanaro valleys to arrive at the Raflazz farmhouse, where we will have a lunch break, following a short stretch of the provincial road. The Raflazz farmhouse is owned by the Adami family, cheese producers for five generations, and, currently, one of the few producers of Murazzano DOP cheese. We will visit the dairy and then eat, being able to taste the cheeses produced on the farm. After lunch, we will leave for the last stretch of road of 12 km (of which the first 4 are on the provincial road and then on a dirt road) to return to Bossolasco.

The overall tour is about 47 km with a positive difference in height of about 1,500 m (the route can be reduced and modified according to needs during the excursion, possibly even making stretches using the assistance van).

E-bike rental, guide service, assistance van, and lunch are included.



Trekking - 8 hours

We will enjoy a hiking tour to discover the sunken valleys to the rolling hills ('bric' in the local dialect) entirely covered in rows of grapevines that create an abstract geometric vision. A gorgeous hike experience from Barbaresco to Neive and back, with a light lunch amidst vineyards along the crests of the Nebbiolo hills, following one of our guides through carefully selected areas in the Barbaresco wine region. We start from the village exploring the red brick houses, the castle, and the thousand-year-old tower, which serves as the scenic lookout over the Tanaro River lowlands. This is followed by a leisurely hike amidst vineyards, exploring the Langhe, and experiencing both the landscape and good wine.

Lunch is included.

Returning to Barbaresco, we will enjoy a glass of Barbaresco wine in the small church at the entrance to the town where the Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco is located, with 120 local labels allowing for sampling of great vintage wines by the glass.

Distance: 14 km
Elevation gain: 564 m



FULL DAY IN BRA, the Slow Food City, and the University of Pollenzo
Bra is a city of almost 30,000 inhabitants located in the heart of deep and rural Piemonte, a few kilometers from Alba and Langhe.

Since 2004, students from all over the world have been attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences in nearby Pollenzo, studying to become gastronomes, experts with multidisciplinary training on food, able to orient their production and consumption towards more aware and eco-sustainable ways.

In addition, among the new activities that have enlivened Bra in recent years, we cannot forget an initiative of international appeal, the great Cheese! festival dedicated to cheese and its culture, organized every two years by Slow Food, which saw 270,000 visitors in 2018 who came to know and savor the tasty specialties of over 300 exhibitors.

Slow Food is an organization that promotes local food and traditional cooking. It was founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy in 1986 and has since spread worldwide. Promoted as an alternative to fast food, it strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages the farming of plants, seeds, and livestock characteristics of the local ecosystem.

We will spend the whole day with Maria specializing in Slow Food.


  • Visit the city of Bra with local food experiences
  • Experience at a cheese refiner included tasting
  • Private transfer from Bra to Pollenzo
  • Afternoon visit to Pollenzo with its University of Gastronomic Sciences



Check out at B&B Le Due Matote

Private visit to an organic hazelnut farm in the heart of Alta Langa

For many years Cravanzana, in Alta Langa, Italy, has been the Pais dra Nisora (the village of hazelnuts), the nerve center of the production of Hazelnut Tonda Gentile Trilobata. The small village on top of the hill, where the old village is located, is completely surrounded by the profiles of hazel groves.

They have been cultivating hazelnuts right here for 4 generations.

It’s a life choice guided by their hearts: this land has given them so much, and they feel deeply connected to it. Their family hazel groves extend in long rows of trees, among which you can find their grass care workers, the goats!

As they decided to rely on experts, they chose dwarf goats to take care of the hazel groves because no other system is safer, more accurate, and has zero impact on the environment.

They are the Robaldo family, hazelnut growers in Cravanzana for 4 generations. With them, you will always find a smile, a handshake, something to eat, and a good glass of wine.

They have big hazel groves, and with the harvest (strictly organic), they produce a paste, hazelnut spread, and toasted hazelnuts. You can purchase their organic products in their store in Cravanzana.

Check in at Hotel Principi di Piemonte

Farewell dinner at a private home restaurant of Chef Luca

We will walk to the stylish private home of acclaimed chef and culinary teacher Luca.

Born in Torino, Luca La Rosa grew up surrounded by the fragrance of porcini, truffles, Barolo, and many other ingredients so redolent of the region. Passionate about a more sustainable lifestyle, he works closely with local farmers to seek out the finest regional produce. Chef and owner of many exclusive restaurants, Chef Luca has taken Italian haute cuisine to many exceptional eateries worldwide, now settled back in Torino with a unique home fine dining experience.

After our meal, we will take a private transfer back to the hotel.



Check out at Hotel Principi di Piemonte



  • 8 days (7 nights)
  • All accommodation (double room, double use) and breakfast
  • Lunch where indicated on the itinerary
  • Evening meals and drinks where indicated on the itinerary
  • Transfers as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Experiences as detailed in the itinerary
  • All English-speaking guides, experts, and entrance fees
  • 24/7 personal concierge services
  • All as detailed in the itinerary



  • Flights, visa/entry costs, departure and city taxes, excess baggage charges and COVID tests
  • Where lunch and dinner are not detailed as provided on the itinerary, the cost is at the guest’s expense
  • Personal hotel expenditures, such as drinks (unless otherwise specified), laundry, and discretionary gratuities
  • Spa treatments
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Tips



Protection for your health and investment is strongly recommended when traveling abroad.



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